Development blogs, eh?

I always have some kind of pet project. Usually it’s a software project, but I also have craft projects, musical projects and writing projects take in considerable parts of my free-time.

There are two things they all have in common. The goal is to learn new things, and the fun is in the journey, not the finished projects.

Unfortunately, once I’m done learning what I wanted the learn the project usually ends up unfinished on GitHub, or worse, deep down into the depths of my projects drive.

Most of the time projects don’t completely go to waste. I re-use parts in other projects, I take a peek into the design to help me remember how and why I solved things in particular way (I usually leave documentation for future me and use an issue tracker to capture decisions).

And this approach had worked fine for a long time, it still does. But then I wondered if I can do more with all that stuff that I do. And then I remembered I have this website (the one you’re on right now).

From now on I have the intention to start writing developments blogs about my learnings and discoveries while building my pet projects. And by putting things out there maybe I can help myself remember things even better, and perhaps even help lost wanderers that stumble upon by blog by accident.