RPG #13 - Big update of small updates

After a long hiatus on blog posts, I did manage to add quite some features, but most of the were simple, boring or already largely solved for me. Non of them interesting enough to write a blog article about.

Nevertheless, I’m doing so anyway because I think I am now at a stage where I have nailed down the most fundamental features of the game like moving around and loading levels, etc. So I am now at a stage where I have to implement more detailed and more game specific features such as the combat system, user interfaces, quests, etc.

Rather than a lengthy blog of all the technical details I thought I might as well record a video of all the new features that I’ve built in the meantime.

New features on order of appearance:

  • Character creation screen
  • Basic foraging skill
  • Inventory screen
  • Weapons are now 2D
  • Water shader
  • Incredibly basic combat
  • Door puzzle using basic scripting engine
  • Conversations with NPCs
  • Small town with moving watermill
  • Interiors
  • Shopping
  • World travel screen
  • World travel events
  • Big city with NPCs
  • Quest journal
  • Spellbook
  • Local map
  • Wait screen
  • Day/Night cycle

That’s quite a lengthy list! I might write a blog post about of a couple of features if I decide to refactor or improve them. For now the main goal for the next milestone is to implement MQ120 (the second main quest) that involves world traveling and dungeon crawling!