A zelda inspired adventure game mashed-up with snake made in two weeks during LOWREZJAM 2022.

The Legend of Jormun is a mash-up of two common classics. Explore the world and collect as many apples and treasure as you can. But look before you leap, as you collect more apples, you will grow and navigating the world becomes treacherous!

  • Explore a large open world!
  • Turn-based gameplay!
  • Grow up to 460 meters long!
  • But one mistake, and you’re out (permadeath)!


While I didn’t win the competition, I’m very happy for taking the 16th positions out of all 429 entries! And extremely happy for ranking #1 in authenticity!

Criteria Rank Score Raw Score
Authenticity #1 4.957 4.957
Gameplay #9 4.348 4.348
Overall #16 4.293 4.293
Graphics #60 4.087 4.087
Audio #68 3.783 3.783